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Five effective tips you must know before starting iitjee entrance examination

Start early from

You should plan in 9th standard for preparing iitjee entrance is beginning stage for sure success in first attempt.if you have not started in that time do not worry at all.if you are still in class 12th.there is enough time to start now.start with refreshing your basics from 9th standard maths and science.then one by one 10th.then with full refresh with your all basics and all topics with 11th maths,physics,chemistry.after that read properly and make notes of 11th and 12th basics of physics,chemistry and mathematics.if you need help visit and post your requirement and get home tuition,group tuition,online tuitions and find best institutes to help you for better result.

Management of time

Time management is key to success for any examination. Wake up today and divide your 24 hours according to your convenience.remember that self study is very necessary for,I recommend you give at least 6 hours to your self study.

Selecting good books

We say good books means a book which is easy to understand.whose language is clear for,ncert books is good but beside that you can select other books too like h.c.verma for physics,abc of chemistry,rd Sharma maths books is some key books to starting for basics.beside that you can get some numerical books for physics and chemistry too.start each books with step by step do not mesh up yourself.

Do not memorize the whole books

Generally most of students try to memorize all the topics by heart.some suggest it.but we do not recommend it.go with the basics of each and every topics and try to understand and practice well.always try to write as much as you can do.writing will speed up your writing ability and also help to be a master of that . always give proper time to each subjects.each subjects is equal;so do not ignore any subjects.

Do not think too much about examination

If you will work properly in perfect manner;you do not need to take pain for examination.take relax and do not think much about is nothing .it is just your test whatever you,if you are in the right track you will definitely crack the iitjee examination.
So,enjoy your learning and leave the rest.