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Customer Services

For customers

Ques 1. Introduction to www.blueganga customer service and support.

Ans 1. is a portal for serciecs like home tutoring,online tutoring,group tutoring in all over India.It is cross platform for students,parents,tutors,teachers,institutes and all professional.student or parents fill out their requirement and our professional will contact you for specific requirement with hassle free.professionals,tutors,institutes create their profile and get connected to their customers or students instantly.

Ques 2. How it works for customers, students or parents.

Ans 2. Customers,students or parents fill out students sign up form and tell about your requirement in soon as your requirement posted on our professionals,tutors,institutes will contact you according do your requirement.

Ques 3. How can I find right professionals,service providers for on website.

Ans 3. After posting your specific requirement talk to professionals and service provider and judge them and then hire the particular professionals and service provider according to your perfect requirement.after getting hire,please write the review about that professionals and service providers so that we can give you best professionals and service providers for next time.

Ques 4. Benefit of adding full details to my requirements.

Ans 4. Your full details tell us about your exact requirement;then according to your exact requirement our exact match professionals and service providers will contact you and you select and hire.

Ques 5. Why was my requirement rejected.

Ans 5. Your requirement will be rejected due to lots of reason,if you have not provided you your proper email and phone number,if it is found that you only want to steal the data of,you are a tutor and filled up students form.

Ques 6. What will be next after submitting my requirement.

Ans 6. After submitting your requirement our professionals,will contact you,you can see the message and judge him according to their profile and talk to them and judge properly and then hire smartly.

Ques 7. Why is writing review important for me.

Ans 7. You review for particular service provider or professionals will provide us to match you best for future service and we will provide you better service.

Ques 8. Is there any charge for posting requirement.

Ans 8. No,posting requirement for students,parents and for customer is fully free of do not need to pay a single paisa.

Ques 9. Is there we have to pay commission to www.blueganga for services.

Ans 9. No, do not levied any commission to customers,students and parents.

For service providers,professionals,institutes,tutors

Ques 1. for service providers,professionals,institutes and tutors.

Ans 1. Tutors,institutes,professionals and service providers can create their profile free of cost.

Ques 2. Signing as service providers,professionals,institutes and tutors.

Ans 2. Tutors,professional,institutes,service provider create your profile free of can update your free membership into premium and get response to customers,students,parents and get hired and earn and expand your business.

Ques 3.What is premium membership in

Ans 3. Premium membership help you to contact your customers instantly and grow with

Ques 4. What is the benefit of writing impressive response sms.

Ans 4. Impressive response give the idea of customers,students and parents about your exact ability and they hiring rate will increase.

Ques 5. What is "COINS".

Ans 5."COINS" is just in place of your amount in your can utilize COINS to give response to particular customer and then some amount of COINS that will display on that will be reduced from your can purchase COINS again in your account to pay the required amount in and give response to customer and earn and grow your business with us.

Ques 6.How can I respond to enquiries?

Ans 6.Write Impressive response give the idea of customers,students and parents about your exact ability and then submit it with your customized Quote.

Ques 7.How can I respond to free enquiries?

Ans 7.If you don not want to pay for sending response;you can invite your friends and earn coins and give response to customers and earn!

Ques 8.What is the benefit Of reviews of customers and how can we invite customer for review for my services?

Ans 8.Reviews of customers are more important for hiring and give more trust to customers for hiring;you can invite your customer for writing reviews by emails,sms to pass your profile link.

Ques 9. How can I give auto response.

Ans 9.Log in and go to dashboard and customized your response and save it;this response will be sent to customer automatically on behalf of you which match your profile.

Ques 10. Why was my profile is not approved.

Ans 10.If we found any misleading or false information;we will not approved your profile.

Ques 11. What is the importance of profile pics.

Ans 11. Profile pictures give the authentic to the increase 10 times hiring.customer can trust you more.

Ques 12.How can I earn from

Ans 12.You can be an affiliate with and earn on this link for more details affiliates page

Ques 13.How can I promote my profile of on others places?

Ans can use your profile link and share it on free ad posting website and also through sms and emails to customers and get higher credibility to probability will be 10 times more to get hired

Ques 14.What is the benefits of Complete Profile?

Ans 14.A complete profile of your or your business give the exact idea to customer to hired;it also helps you send response to your related categories customers.

Managing account on

For customers ,parents or students

Ques 1. How can I delete my account on

Ans 1. If you do not want to pursue your account,then call our customer care number.once your details will be verified ,then your account will be deleted.

Ques 2. How can I unsubscribe from email.

Ans 2. Go to your accounts and pause email.and also click unsubscribe in your mail.

Ques 3. How can I change my password.

Ans 3. Log in your account and then click with change password ,it will guide you to change password.

Ques 4. How can I change my preferred email id.

Ans 4. You can log in in your account and edit your emails and write your new email id and save it and confirm your mail in ur new email id.

Ques 5. How can I create my account on www.blueganga.

Ans 5. You can sign up on and follow the procedure and create your authentic account.

Ques 6. How can I log in my accounts.

Ans 6. Click on log in and write your email id and password in particular box and then click sign will give you access of your account.

For service providers,tutors,professionals and institutes

Ques 1. I am facing problem to log in my account.

Ans 1. Check your keyboard for capital locks and also ensure to using shift key.write your proper email id in email id boxes and put correct password.if still facing problem write your email in email box and click forgot password.visit your email and click the link and set your new password.

Ques 2. Reviews are not showing in my profile.

Ans 2. Be ensure that your customers have written reviews with proper guideline means not abusive,provided proper stars,and submit button.we check it first if we see it is abusive and not fully provided details then it goes to spam and we delete it.if all things is correct it takes 3 to 7 days to appears in your accounts.
If still have problem write us We will short out the issue as soon as possible.

Ques 3. How can I update my text messaging and email preference.

Ans 3. Log in your account click on my preferences and edit them and save update.

Ques 3. Do we need to contact the customers once I become a premium member or will the customer contact me.

Ans 3. We recommend you contact to customers and call them.customers also contacts you.but it is better when you will call them,hiring percentage increases if you call them.

Ques 3. What is "COINS".

Ans 3."COINS" is just in place of your amount in your can utilize COINS to give response to particular customer and then some amount of COINS that will display on that will be reduced from your can purchase COINS again in your account to pay the required amount in and give response to customer and earn and grow your business with us.